Spick and Span by the Magic Clan!

M&J Magic Cleaning offers nationwide cleaning services with the help of dedicated professionals who wrap up the mess out of your life. With our years of experience handling residential and commercial cleaning, M&J Magic Cleaning has managed to build itself a reputation as reliable and trustworthy cleaning service providers in London.

From thorough top-to-bottom deep cleaning, seasonal cleaning to before and after party cleaning with eco-friendly products, we make spaces spotless like magic!

The Services We Offer

Our luxury cleaning services flawlessly assist you in sprucing up your spaces, including businesses of all sizes and individual home cleaning across London. The use of technology and the workforce has enabled us to become one of the leading cleaning companies in London with high-quality and customized cleaning services. Our comprehensive cleaning services include:

End of Tenancy Cleaning

One of your tenancy agreement factors is leaving behind the property as clean and tidy as when you stepped on it. Therefore, we understand how essential it is for you to get efficient cleaning services that offer extensive cleaning services in due time.

We make moving out cleaning easy with our affordable rates and last-minute end of tenancy cleaning. In case, you are a landlord who wants to sell or rent out the property, we can scrub out your property to create the first impressions required for a smooth selling process.

After Builders Cleaning

The after construction or renovation work leaves your property in a thick blanket of dust, scraps, wood chips, and other mess. It is challenging to declutter the place on your own. M&J Magic Cleaning is the right option for you to help you with a thorough cleaning once the construction work wraps up. Our use of high-end technology and proficient cleaners help with making your space liveable. From dusting, scrubbing, polishing, removing waste, cleaning light fixtures to vacuuming and mopping floors, we cover each part of your property to give it the final liveable and clean look.

Full Deep Cleaning

Put your property in order with a complete deep cleaning service that reaches every nook and corner of your house or office to brighten it up. Despite the weekly or daily cleaning, your space requires a full-deep cleaning at least once or twice a year to give it a fresh look. You can contact M&J magic cleaning for an out-and-out cleaning that makes it easy for you to maintain the place for the rest of the year. The magical cleaning from ceilings to the floor and everything in between is much easier!

Domestic Cleaning

The constant run between the office and home or running along with the kids to matches and competitions leaves you no time to clean your house properly. Get things done like magic by benefiting from our domestic cleaning services that meet all the safety standards to make your place spotless and well-maintained.

If you are moving in or out of your house, you can depend on our responsible team of cleaning specialists who make sure your home is immaculate. We use eco-friendly products that are pet and children-friendly and ensure that you do not breathe in toxins or contract skin issues.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Your office is the face of your product and services. The cleaner and more appealing it is, the better your reputation. M&J Magic Cleaning offers you reliable commercial cleaning services that come at competitive prices. Commercial cleaning requires the use of heavy technology and an experienced workforce to ensure that the cleaning processes go through in a safe environment. Give your organization a professional touch to maintain a hygienic working environment. Make your place as good as new by reaching out to our team of cleaning experts.

Oven and Refrigerator Cleaning

A dirty oven or refrigerator work as an incubator for germs and bacteria. The unpleasant smell and the germ attack make the situation worse and staving off the cleaning process won’t help. You can leave the unpleasant house chore to us, and we can get to scrubbing out the actual surface of the appliances without compromising their functionality. You can be assured of an unbeatable service by our technicians.

Spring Cleaning

Sweep clean your house with M&J Magic Cleaning for a dirt-free spring. We dust off the stagnant air and disinfect the space to provide you with a healthy dwelling. Enjoy the spring breeze in a decluttered and lean surrounding. Schedule your cleaning session at a feasible day or time and find our prompt services to be effective in cleaning. From necessary cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen, to full deep cleaning and polishing, you get all with M&J Magic Cleaning.

Ironing Service

Our ironing specialists know how to smooth out those wrinkles and iron your dresses into neat folds. We have a fast and efficient ironing service that delivers your ironed clothes on time. You can count on our reliable workers to bring your pressed clothes carefully to your door. Book our weekly or bi-weekly ironing service to rid yourself of the tiresome task of perfect ironing. We can iron any piece of cloth, whether bedspreads, towels, shirts, towels, tabletops, underwears, or socks. Hand over the pile to us and get your ironed stack back.

Why Choose Us

M&J Magic Cleaning has been making a change in your lives through extensive, thorough, and reliable cleaning services. We have curated a team of reliable workers, with proven DBS, to help you with commercial and residential cleaning services by making use of innovative and high-end technology.

Our services take into account your requirements, budget, and quality. To ensure your health and safety, we use eco-friendly products that do not put your health at risk by exposure to toxic materials. We have made and maintain a reputation for ourselves through our years of dedicated servicing and exceptional customer service. M&J Magic Cleaning ensures you a spotless and maintained home or office for an easy and comfortable living!

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